Artist Charmed Candles
featuring Art & Jewels by :Cindy Thorrington Haggerty


Contact Cindy Thorrington Haggerty directly to purchase these Peaceful Charmed Wine Candles!
Set includes a Beautiful Wine Glass Candle by Blue Moon Candles in Cindy's signature Peaceful Earth scent with a sterling silver & crystal charm and full color Art Coaster.

Night Magic Wax TartsNight Magic Tart Charmed Samplers  $9.95 Each
Available in your choice of 4 styles with 6 different fragrances in each pack! Floral, Spicy, Fruity & Bakery.
Each comes tied with a beautiful Charm and boxed featuring Cindy's Art in Night Magic Never to be Lost.
Fragrance Type

Bracelet Pillar Candle in Black Pearl Bay
3x6 Bracelet Pillar in Black Pearl Bay $15.95 each
This Sea Blue Pillar is poured in a wave pattern and infused with our Black Pearl Bay fragrance-a blend of bracing ocean breezes and windblown warm Madagascar spices. Each candle comes with a cute flip flop bracelet (colors vary) and Cindy's art Keeper of the Black Pearl on a removable Waterproof vinyl sticker, boxed.

Gateway of the Woodland Phoenix Soy Jar Candle
20 oz. Soy Jar Beaded Candle
~Gateway of the Woodland Phoenix~
Green and scented in Woodland Spirit $21.95 each
These Organic Soy Jar Candles hide enough jewels inside (colors vary) to make some jewelry of your own!  When the candle is empty remove your jewels.  Featuring Cindy's vinyl waterproof art sticker.

Crystal Candles in Bubbles & Butterflies
20 oz. Crystal Candle in Bubbles & Butterflies $21.95 each
Each of these Crystal Palm wax candles are colored a deep purple and fragranced in Poison Moon Trumpet;
a haunting blend of  lilac, musk & orange.
W hen your candle is empty, retrieve a jewelers quality crystal from inside! Our flared square jar features Cindy's art Bubbles & Butterflies in waterproof vinyl. 





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