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Candle Care 101: How to Keep Your Flames Fabulous

step by step candle burning tips
* How To Trim Your Candle Wick*

1. Wick-ed Science: The Art of Trimming

Wick maintenance is like a spa day for your candle. Imagine your wick as a tiny, flame-hungry hairdo. To keep it looking sharp and prevent mushrooming (yes, that’s a thing), trim it to about 1/4 inch before each burn. It’s like giving your candle a stylish haircut – but without the awkward small talk.

2. First Date Vibes: The Initial Burn

Your candle’s first burn sets the mood for the entire relationship. *REMOVE ALL Flammable BOTANICAL TOPPING if any 1st* Light it up and let it melt that top layer evenly. We’re talking commitment here – no half-baked business. If you blow it out too soon, your candle might develop commitment issues (read: tunneling). So, give it time, let it pool, and watch the magic happen.

a candle showing tunneling.
This is Tunneling-caused by not allowing your candle to melt all the way across or too small of a wick.

3. No Draft Drama: Keep It Cozy

Candles are sensitive souls. They hate drafts more than a cat hates water. Place your candle away from open windows, air vents, and judgmental breezes. If your candle could talk, it’d say, “I’m trying to vibe here, people!” 🌬️

4. Candle CPR: Extinguish with Care

Blowing out a candle is like ending a great conversation – do it gracefully. Use a snuffer or gently dip the wick into the wax pool. No abrupt breakups here! And remember, never leave a burning candle unattended. Safety first, romance second.

Pillar Candles burning properly
Pillar Candles burning properly

5. Wax On, Wax Off: Storage Secrets

Store your candles like a pro. Keep them away from sunlight (they’re not sunbathers) and extreme temperatures (they’re not winter sports enthusiasts). And if you stack them, make sure they’re not gossiping about each other’s fragrances. Drama-free storage, folks!

6. Scent-sational Pairings: Mix It Up

Why settle for one fragrance when you can have a candle party? Mix scents like a DJ at a mystical forest rave. Pine + Lavender? Sure! Vanilla + Sandalwood? Absolutely! Just don’t blame us if your living room turns into a magical woodland disco.

7. Rekindle the Flame: Repurpose Your Candle

When your candle’s done, it’s not over. Scoop out the remaining wax (like excavating buried treasure) and repurpose that jar. Plant succulents, store trinkets, or use it as a tiny fortress for your secret wishes. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, candle care isn’t just about keeping flames alive – it’s about nurturing cozy vibes, creating ambiance, and turning your space into a fragrant wonderland. So go forth, my candle-loving friend, and let your flames dance like nobody’s watching! 🔥🕯️✨

Candle with beautiful melt pool
Candle with a beautiful melt pool

Disclaimer: No candles were harmed during the making of this blog post. But a few wicks got fabulous haircuts. 😄

Blue Moon Candles – Where Mystical Meets Cozy 🌙💙

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