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Embrace the Glow: Discover the Soulful Magic of Blue Moon Candles🕯️ By Lisa VanRyn, Artisan at Blue Moon Candles

1. The Dance of Flames: A Candle’s Story

Imagine a quiet evening, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The rain taps gently against the window, and the scent of damp earth mingles with the flickering glow of a candle.

At Blue Moon Candles, we believe that each candle holds a story—a whisper of ancient forests, a memory of moonlit walks, and a promise of warmth.

Our candles are more than wax and wick; they are vessels of intention. As I pour each one by hand, I infuse it with love, creativity, and a magic touch. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, inspiration, or a moment of connection, our candles invite you to embrace the glow.

2. The Art of Scent: Unveiling Fragrance Notes

Step into our candle sanctuary, where fragrances come alive. Our artisan perfumes are carefully crafted to evoke emotions and memories. Picture the scent of moss-covered stones after a rain, the whisper of cedarwood in an ancient forest, or the warmth of vanilla by the fireside.

Explore our signature scents:

Lunar Blossom: A blend of Sacred Katsura, Moonflower, Jasmine, and Blonde Israeli orange—like wandering through moon-kissed woods.

PNW Rain: Notes of petrichor, jasmine, and sandalwood—a gentle reminder of nature’s cleansing embrace.

Black Honey: Tupelo Honey, Baltic Amber, Torched Patchouli, Vanilla, —rare and decadent.

3. Candle Rituals: Igniting Your Soul

Lighting a candle is more than a mundane act; it’s a ritual. Close your eyes, breathe in the fragrance, and set your intention. Perhaps you seek clarity, healing, or simply a moment of gratitude.

Morning Glow: Light a candle as you sip your morning tea. Set your intentions for the day ahead.

Evening Reverie: Place a candle on your bedside table. Let its glow guide your dreams and soothe your spirit.

Gathering Flames: Invite friends over for a candlelit dinner. Share stories, laughter, and the warmth of community.

4. The Forest Within: Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to the environment runs deep. We use organic coconut wax, reusable glass and metal containers, and eco-friendly packaging. For every 100 candles sold, we plant a tree in the lush forests surrounding us.

Join us in nurturing the Earth—one flicker at a time.

Remember, dear reader, when you light a Blue Moon Candle, you’re not just illuminating a room but igniting a connection—to nature, yourself, and the magic that dances within every flame.

Thank you for being part of our candle journey. 🌙✨

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes stories, candle care tips, and exclusive releases.

Love, Laughter & Candlelight!



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