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Honoring a WWII Veteran Remembering Arthur: A Tribute to Our Hero

As the scent of our candles fills the room, we pause to remember a true hero—my grandfather, Arthur. His courage, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication during World War II inspire us daily.

My Grandfathers photo WWII
Valentine's Photo of my grandfather Arthur sent to his wife Millie in 1943

A Legacy of Valor

Arthur was more than a soldier; he was a beacon of hope. He was a hero in the Battle of the Bulge:

My grandfather Arthur in WWII
My grandfather Arthur at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi

  • Their tenacious defense and the young age of the average soldier in this infantry division earned them the nickname “Battle Babies.” His medals—each one earned through blood, sweat, and tears—tell a story of resilience and honor.

My Grandfather Arthur in Paris WWII in front of Eiffel Tower
My Grandfather Arthur in Paris WWII

  • Amid the chaos of war, my grandfather, Arthur, earned a legendary nickname—the “89 Degree Man.” His weapon of choice: the feared Type 89 Knee Mortar. The Weapon That Roared. Misnamed by American GIs, it wasn’t fired from the knee but from the ground. A compact grenade discharger, it bridged the gap between hand grenades and true mortars.

Army 99th Infantry Division Mortar
Army 99th Infantry Division Mortar
  • Arthur’s crew operated this lethal weapon. With precision, he adjusted the angle—sometimes to a daring 89 degrees—to rain destruction upon the enemy. As German tanks advanced relentlessly, their steel behemoths threatened our position. Arthur’s moment had arrived. He tipped his mortar to an improbable angle, aiming for the sky. The shell soared, defied gravity, and then plummeted directly onto the approaching tanks! The Explosive Triumph! The ground shook. The tanks halted. Smoke and fire erupted. Arthur’s 89-degree blasts had hit their marks! His courage echoed through the foxholes. The “89 Degree Man” had turned the tide, buying precious time for our troops!

Arthur and Joe in Lousiana for training
Arthur & Joe- *just before Joe being bitten by a scorpion (he thought he'd die and he knocked down the tent)*

The Candle That Burns Bright

Our candles flicker like memories, casting shadows on the walls. They remind us of Arthur’s unwavering spirit—the same spirit that carried him through battles, kept him warm in foxholes, and connected him to loved ones back home.

In Every Flame, a Tribute

As you light a Blue Moon Candle, know that it carries a piece of Arthur’s legacy. The soft glow represents the hope he held, the camaraderie he shared, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Each fragrance—whether it’s the earthy notes of pine or the sweet embrace of vanilla—holds a memory.

My Grandfather Arthur with some of his WWII medals on display
My Grandfather Arthur with some of his WWII medals on display

A Moment of Silence

This Memorial Day, let’s take a moment to honor all veterans, especially those like Arthur. Light a candle, close your eyes, and feel the warmth. Remember their sacrifices—the ones that shaped our world and allowed us to breathe freely. May the heavens salute the 89 Degree Man, who defied limits and changed the course of battle. 🕯️

My grandfather Arthur with his great granddaughter Isabella Rose
My grandfather Arthur with his great-granddaughter Isabella Rose

Thank You, Arthur

Grandfather, your bravery lives on in every flame. We’ll forever cherish your memory, and our candles will continue to burn in your honor. Thank you for being our hero.

May the scent of gratitude linger in the air, just like the fragrance of our candles.

With love and respect,


Founder, Blue Moon Candles

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