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Introducing the warmth of twilight in our signature 14.5-ounce candle! Encased in a sleek glass amber vessel that glows with the light of a setting sun, this candle is crowned with a beautiful wooden lid, symbolizing the union of earth and sky.


The heart of this candle is filled with luxury organic coconut wax, renowned for its clean burn and superior fragrance-holding capabilities. Each flicker of the flame releases a harmonious blend of scents that transform your space into a serene sanctuary.


This candle is not just an object of beauty; it’s a portal to tranquility, a reminder of nature’s effortless elegance. With a burn time of approximately 90 hours, it promises enduring moments of peace, making it the perfect companion for reflection and relaxation.


Ignite the essence of serenity in your home with just a click – add this amber-hued beacon of tranquility to your cart and let the journey to peace begin. 

Large 14.5 ounce Amber Vessel with Wooden Lid Organic Coconut Wax Candle

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