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Monthly Candle SuBscriptionS

Indulge in the magic of scented candles! If you’re passionate about candles and crave a fresh fragrance every month, our monthly candle subscription boxes are tailor-made for you.

With each subscription, you’ll receive a thoughtfully curated selection of our best-selling and seasonal candles, along with delightful surprises that are exclusively available to our subscribers.


Enjoy the convenience of FREE shipping and hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep. Plus, as part of our Blue Moon Candles community, you can connect with fellow candle enthusiasts, share feedback, and showcase your candle moments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pamper yourself or surprise a loved one. Sign up today and ignite the enchantment of Blue Moon Candles! 🕯️✨ *Coming Soon!*

EventS *Coming Soon*

Ready to ignite your creativity? Join us at Moon Mountain Apothecary for our upcoming events where you’ll delve into the captivating world of candle and perfume making.


We will guide you through the art and science behind crafting your own scented treasures. Be the first to know when classes drop by hitting the subscribe button! At our workshops, you’ll have the chance to select from an array of fragrances, colors, and vessels, creating your very own one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Plus, enjoy refreshments and connect with fellow candle and perfume enthusiasts. Let the magic unfold! 🕯️✨

Coming Soon


ConneCtion CandleS

Candles have a magical way of bridging distances, even when miles apart. Our candle sets are more than mere

wax and wick; they’re vessels of connection and warmth.

  • Your Keepsake: One candle, meticulously crafted for you. Light it during quiet moments, and let its glow remind you of cherished memories and dreams.

  • A Gift to Share: The second candle is meant for someone special—a friend, family member, or soulmate.

  • As you both light them simultaneously, a scented bond forms, transcending physical space.

    It’s a silent embrace that whispers love across the miles.  Illuminate lives, one candle at a time. 🕯️✨

    DeSign Your Own! Candles & Perfume

    Coming SOON to Blue Moon Candles! 


    Have you ever dreamed of your own Signature Scent that is as unique as your fingerprint?  Reach out to us with your vision. Share your favorite scents, memories, and emotions. Whether it’s the freshness of night blooming jasmine, the warmth of vanilla, or the invigorating notes of citrus, we’re here to listen.  We’ll discuss your preferences, explore different fragrance families, and guide you through the creative process. Together, we’ll design a blend that resonates with your soul. Once we’ve captured your essence, we’ll meticulously blend the oils and waxes to create your custom candle or perfume. Every drop is infused with intention and care.


    Your creation is exclusively yours. We don’t mass-produce. Each candle or perfume is made to order, ensuring that it’s as unique as you are. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays—celebrate life’s milestones with a bespoke fragrance.🕯️✨

    Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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