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Forest Chai Candle: A Journey Through Whispering Woods”

Step into the heart of ancient forests, where moonlight weaves secrets and whispers of chai spices linger. Our “Forest Chai” candle invites you to experience magic in every flicker.

  • 75 Hours of Tranquility:

    • Light the wick, and let time slow down. With an impressive 75-hour burn time, this candle accompanies you through cozy evenings, quiet mornings, and soulful moments.
  • Organic Coconut Wax:

    • Crafted from pure organic coconut wax, our candle burns cleanly, free from toxins or harmful chemicals. It’s a conscious choice for your well-being and the environment.
  • A Symphony of Spices:

    • Imagine inhaling the forest air—ginger, warm and invigorating; cinnamon, a comforting embrace; anise, mysterious and alluring; and cardamom, like whispered promises.
    • The resinous fir notes evoke towering trees, while sticky honey adds sweetness to the breeze.
    • Hints of nutmegblack tea, and Madagascar vanilla dance together, creating a harmonious blend that lingers long after the flame.
  • Matte Black or Clear Amber Vessel:

    • Choose your vessel: matte black, elegant and bold, or clear amber, capturing the golden hues of twilight. Each vessel cradles the forest’s essence.
  • Why Forest Chai?:

    • It’s more than a candle; it’s an invitation—to wander moss-covered paths, to sip chai by crackling fires, to feel the forest’s heartbeat.
    • Let “Forest Chai” weave its magic, illuminating your world with serenity and wonder.

May your “Forest Chai” candle kindle dreams and awaken memories. 🌙🕯️✨

Forest Chai Candle 75 Hr, Coconut Wax 14.5 Oz with wooden lid

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